Synectics Development Co.

John Powers - President

As Synectic's Chief Architect, John Powers brings to each client a complete understanting of the planning, design and building process. John ensures that more than 30 years experience, and his vast knowledge of Architecture and engineering as well as construction management, are brought to each and every project for the benefit of the client. With his expertise in an array of architectural design projects, ranging from homes to large scale commercial buildings and detention facilities, John is able to address the clients needs and bring to life your vision.

- Bachelor of Architecture, Ohio State University
- Bachelor of Architecture, Boston Architectural Center
- Registered Architect - Maine
- Registered Architect - New Hampshire
- Member:
- American Institute of Architects
- Maine Chapter of the American Institute of Architects
- American Corrections Associations

In 37 years of practice, Mr. Powers has an extensive background in all areas of architecture from design through construction administration. During his years of practice, he has provided considerable construction administration and construction consulting services on a wide range of projects across the United States and internationally along with also providing full architectural design services. Over the past seven (7) years, he has provided architectural design service on a variety of commercial project ranging from industrial manufacturing plants, retail/ service facilities, lobster distribution facilities, athletic complexes, banquet facilities, commercial office complexes, etc. During the previous fourteen (14) years, he had provided considerable specialized prison and jail consulting services to the detention industry in the form of facility design consulting, detention and security systems consulting, and construction administration for detention equipment contractors. His consulting has covered all types of prisons and detention facilities used to house juveniles, female, and male inmates. His experience in construction has covered a broad range of construction types from wood and heavy timber construction to cast-in-place concrete construction.

Shawn Meuse - Construction Manager

Shawn has been building commercial buildings in Maine and New Hampshire for over 15 years. Most recently he had been working on the “Big Dig” in Boston.

Shawn’s experience allows him to plan, direct, and coordinate a wide variety of construction projects. Shawn’s has the skills to coordinate and supervise the construction process from the conceptual development stage through final construction, making sure that the project gets done on time and within budget. He will work with owners, engineers, architects, and others who are involved in the construction process.

Shawn has the experience and most importantly the passion to get the job done on time and within budget.

Todd Marshall - Director of Business Development

Todd is Director of Business Development for Synectics Development Company. He has over thirteen years of sales and business development experience working mainly in the financial and commercial industry.
At Synectics Development, Todd is responsible for new business development including marketing strategies, lead generation, sales activity and financial brokerage.
Todd has lived in New England most of his life and enjoys working with the good people of this area. He is a graduate from the University of Maine in Orono and grew up just outside of Portland, Maine.